Iron City, WTC Table8

Sku: XLK01709020

Iron City, WTC Table8

Sku: XLK01709020
$CAD 304.99
Product not available for online purchase
Length - 33cm
Height - 10.5cm
Width - 23cm
Weight - 6.1kg

This set contains everything you need to assemble the table #8 from the WTC 2022 map pack.

4x Iron City, WTC Three Storey Ruins without windows
6x Iron City, WTC Ruin two storey with windows
4x Iron City, WTC Vents

For those who are interested in the WTC tournament format. This Kit is an excellent way to build a complete table in one purchase with a little rebate.

Sold unassembled and unpainted, figurines and accessories such as vegetation are not included.

Batteries not included and not required.