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Dry fitting 

We strongly recommend that you always make a first positioning attempt of each part without glue, to make sure you place it in the right position and direction. It also allows verifying that the part fits nicely into its intended space. It is very rare that a part won't fit correctly. Still, sometimes some parts look a lot alike and we'll try the wrong one, It is also possible that a batch of materials is slightly too thick and requires a little sanding*. In any case, we wish to assure you that our products are extensively tested before being marketed and it should always be easy to correct a small imperfection. 


On rare occasions some pieces will be thicker than others. This is not a problem in itself but sometimes this can make certain kits more difficult to assemble. Don't be discouraged! Simply sand it on each side as shown in the pictures and your parts will fit like a charm afterwards.


You're all set! Easy peasy.☺


Our wooden bases are an excellent option to create themed bases with very little effort. Nevertheless, we strongly suggest partly inserting a tiny metal rod in your figurines’ feet and gluing the exceeding part to the base. This procedure requires a bit of work but will strongly solidify the union between the model and its base. To do this we recommend using a Cyanoacrylate glue, like you would use for metal or resin figurines. You can use a file to remove any exceeding metal from the base as to avoid scratching the surfaces on which you will place the figurines.


We use standard white glue but you can also use other types of glue readily available such as wood glue. We advise against using Superglue or similar adhesives as the link created is weaker and it will cost you more money.

For ease of use, we recommend diluting with water, maintaining a ratio of 3 parts glue to 1 part water. To avoid leaking and for a more precise application, use a small brush. Ideally, preparing a bigger mixture, using a hermetic recipient, will prevent constantly redoing the solution. You can even reuse the mixture at a later time by simply stirring it with a small stick. This will hold for at least a month.

Good luck !


There is nothing easier. We simply use texturized spray paint, available at most Hardware stores. This tool is particularly efficient for the Urban Warzone models. Combine this with dry brushing and your models will be ready in no time.