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Check out our Pin Markers (Bolt Action & Konflikt' 47)

Published on 27 / 04 / 2017

Here are our new Pin Markers for Bolt Action & Konflikt' 47. Built with a small wheel with 1 to 10 numbering.  Assembling is easy, as is the painting. It'll be a snap if you follow our color schematics using only two color sprays, some black ink and dry brushing. If you don't want to dry brush, you can always apply the ink with a tiny paintbrush to avoid any excess. 

The longest part is waiting for the paint to dry. We recommand a good 24hrs as to prevent the wheel from sticking. (Might take a little longer, depending on which paint brand you are using). That's it you can enjoy a single token to mark the number of pins your units. This way the table's cleaner and it's easier to manipulate by grabbing the faction's logo.

Brilliant you say? We agree!